Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Boise baby.

So I've been home for a bit, and so many happy and hilarious things have happened so far. 
I took a luxurious and exciting trip to Wendover, UT/NV with my grandpa. We spent the weekend like true high rollers eating at buffets and playing "Sex in the City" penny slots. 

My girl Jade gets real upset when giant bears give her sass. 

Creeped on this pretty lady in the next lane. Hair clips are definitely coming back.

We snuck rides on my grandpa's lawn mower and got real good at driving it.  Even learned some tricks.

Dog sat lil Miss Sandy.

Baby Bro brought me back a pretty sick souvenir. 

Cutest photo evah!


  1. Kylie!
    I love your blog and your pictures. Makes me sad we didn't hang out more when I went to Westmini. Anyway, even though we weren't particularly close I love reading and seeing your blog. Makes me wish and long for the days I can travel like you. :)

  2. Hey Valaree! Thanks for the adorable note. And I totally agree, we should have hung out more in Carleson! C2 fo life! Haha. And I hope you can travel soon! It was pretty scary for me at first, but it was totally worth it. And if you really want to travel, there are a TON of programs that will pay for you to teach English! Look into it!

  3. 1. I spy a little Indian charm hanging off your mirror!
    2. ARE THOSE BUTTERFLY CLIPS IN HER HAIR?! Whatever happened to those? They were AWESOME at keeping hair out of my face.