Thursday, January 12, 2012

GOODBYE KOREA pt. dalkalbi

it is so, so, so depressing. dalkalbi is by far my most favorite korean dish. it's grilled sweet potatoes, chicken and cabbage smothered in a spicy chili sauce.

so there's this place that we go to when we want some delicious dalkabli. it's run by the sweetest, kindest, cutest old lady (pictured above). we were all hamming it up, mrs. dalkalbi telling us to stay and laugh with her and us clapping every time she brought out food and telling her she was beautiful.  she liked us so much she gave us free coca-cola, noodles and rice. OH and yeah, we ordered two servings of dakalbi and she gave us five. five servings. that is a lot of dalkalbi. but i am a known sentimental fatty so of course i wanted eat as much as i could. i mean, it would totally be my last time eating fresh delicious dalkabli!!! with this in mind i ate as much as was humanly possible. literally, buttoning my coat became a problem as we were leaving and walking up the stairs was a workout. but it was one hundred precent worth it. sooo delicious. 

I'm actually getting a little upset writing this. knowing that i will probably never have it as good as that night ever again. i'd better go. i need to start google-ing dalkalbi restaurants in the states. 

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